Update on HS2 Petitioning, 2 July 2015

Antony Chapman  |  Published: Jul 3rd 2015
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Update on HS2 Petitioning from Antony Chapman - Wendover HS2 action group:

 You will probably have seen that the Select Committee visited the Wendover area on 11th June. The visit was generally reckoned to have been a success. The next step of local interest is that the Select Committee will start to hear petitions on Monday 13th July on “Chiltern Tunnel case only – other matters reserved”, and this will last until Tuesday 21st July. The major petitioners to be heard are Bucks CC, Aylesbury Vale and Chiltern DCs, the Chiltern Conservation Board and five or six others. The main Wendover organisations are being heard on the second day, Tuesday 14th July, and we are working hard to prepare as strong a case as possible for a fully-bored tunnel from Mantle’s Wood to the AONB boundary north of Wendover.  

You will be able to watch the hearings on the Parliamentary TV channel.  

The parliamentary recess starts on 22nd July, and lasts until 7th September, so other Wendover petitioners will not be heard until early September at the earliest, and possibly not until October. 

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