Visiting Amersham Museum and Amersham Old Town

Emily Toettcher, Curator, Amersham Museum  |  Published: Jun 19th 2015
objects in the museum

Amersham Museum is situated in a late 15th century Hall House in the historic High Street of Amersham; a High Street that has around 150 listed buildings and is one of the most attractive settings in the country.

Would you be interested in a group visit to the Museum and/or a guided walk around the Old Town of Amersham? Group visits can be arranged at most times of the week. A talk about the collection and/or the historic background to the house can be given for visiting groups but this is entirely optional.

A guided walk, detailing the town’s history, can be arranged at a time to suit you and can also be combined with a Museum visit if that is preferred. Last year we had several groups who came for a guided walk in the morning and then after having lunch in Amersham Old Town visited the Museum in the afternoon.

We can also offer themed guided walks including a special WW1 walk, detailing what life was like in Amersham in 1914-1918. This walk and the more general historical walk last around one and a half hours.

If you are interested in a longer walk you could go on a Martyrs Walk relating the history of the Lollards in the area. Guides in Tudor costume take you around the town and up the hill to the martyrs memorial, describing what life was like in the 16th century. This walk lasts around 2 and a quarter hours.

The charge for entry to the Museum or for a guided walk is £2.50 per person. If you are visiting outside normal opening times the charge is £3 per person (with a minimum charge of £30), or £5 per person for a walk and museum visit (with a minimum charge of £50).

We hope that you may find these suggestions attractive. If you would like any further information please contact me at the address below or by telephone 01494 723700 or click here to email.

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