Voting begins in £9.5k community poll

  |  Published: Sep 9th 2015
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Residents in Buckingham will have the chance from Monday to vote for the very first time on how the County Council allocates public money in their area.

The Council, via the Buckingham Local Area Forum (LAF), has £9,500 of cash to spend across five local projects.

The funds will be divided according to the wishes of the voters after the culmination of the poll, which is called ‘Buckingham Decides’.

The ballot is unique because children from 11 upwards will be allowed to vote alongside adults.

The two projects that win the most votes will get £3,000 each, the next two will each receive £1,500 while the remaining one will get £500.  The five projects' bids are eligible because they meet one or more of the LAF's local priorities.

County Councillor Warren Whyte, who chairs the LAF, said: “There are 36 parishes in the Buckingham Local area and we want to enable residents in north Bucks to influence how the local area budget is spent.

"The Local Area Forum is doing great work on local area priorities but with a project like this, which is a first for the area, we wanted to involve residents more with how the County Council allocates its funding to meet specific local needs.”

Voting opens on September 14 and forms are available from community venues, eg Buckingham Library, Akeley Village Hall, Twyford Community Shop and East Claydon Village Hall. Ballot boxes are at the same locations and a full list of locations will be available on line.

Residents can also vote online at

Residents will also have the chance to meet the projects at the Buckingham Decides ‘finale’ event taking place on 27th October at Buckingham Town Market.

More information about the project is available at
Voting closes on October 31.

The five projects are as follows:


Buckingham Youth Action

Buckingham Youth Action works with young people aged 14-24 to plan and deliver weekly groups that develop community projects among its users, provide friendship, offer fun activities, and encourage interaction and engagement in the wider community.   The activities also provide positive diversionary activities for the support of young people, developing skills in-team work and leadership, offering valuable experience in a range of caring professions, and opening their eyes to the needs of others in their community. 

Any funding received from Buckingham Decides will be put towards their flagship project Generate, an intergenerational project which recruits and trains young volunteers to deliver a range of activities and offer friendship to residents in sheltered housing with support from BYA staff. 

For more information about Buckingham Youth Action please visit

Skate Bucks

Aylesbury Vale Youth for Christ

Skate Bucks is a project run by AVYFC. It takes its mobile skate park to communities, including rural areas where there may not be a lot in the way of activities for young people, giving young people an opportunity to socialise with their peers and enjoy some skating / bmx’ing. They also support young people to develop, build and use their own ramps.

Skate Bucks would like expand its reach to work with youth centres in the Buckingham area and build skate ramps that the young people can use without the need to travel long distances and in turn address any anti-social behaviour issues due to lack of activities that may exist in the area.

For more information visit

Men In Sheds

Men in Sheds Buckingham gives a new lease of life to men who have experienced life changing events such as redundancy, retirement, bereavement or mental/physical ill-health.

It engages socially-isolated men in activities where they can keep mind and body active by learning new practical skills or enhancing existing ones. Men in Sheds is a refuge from the pressure of daily life and counteract the negative effects that inactivity and boredom can have on physical/emotional wellbeing.  Lack of finance is not a barrier to joining our group.

An award of £3000 will enable the sessions to increase in length and frequency which will satisfy the current demand and give the opportunity for more men to benefit from the project. 

For more information about Men in Sheds visit

Home Visiting Service

Citizens Advice Bureau

The Citizens Advice Bureau home visiting service is aimed at members in the community who face rural isolation and are often excluded from mainstream services. They provide the full CAB service to people in their own homes; predominately centred on applications for welfare benefits and assistance with the management of debts. 

Anyone who has difficulty accessing their offices in Buckingham or Winslow can ask for a home visit, especially people who are elderly and frail or disabled.

Given funding, the CAB can work to prevent this from happening, providing further support by making follow up home visits or telephone calls, ensuring that letters are dealt with appropriately or renewals of benefits are made on time.

For more information about the Citizens Advice Bureau visit


Young Person’s Activities Programme

Buckingham Youth Activities Group

The Buckingham Youth Activities Group (BAG) is a partnership group comprising of AVDC, BCC, Buckingham Town Council, Thames Valley Police, Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust, Project Street Life, Buckingham Youth Club, Buckingham and Maids Moreton NAG, Buckingham Youth Action and Buckingham Town Youth Council.

The BAG wants to organise a programme of activities for young people aged 8 – 18 years during 2016/17.

These activities are led by the needs of young people, and will include 12 weeks of basketball sessions between June and August, regular gaming leagues during winter, boxing sessions which will run for 40 weeks and support for ongoing weekly activities including an American Football club and drop in detached youth sessions which offer general support for young people, boot camp fitness and drug and alcohol advice.

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