Want to run?

  |  Published: Aug 29th 2013

Why do people start running? Well the idea of doing something that is a) free b) starts the minute you leave the front door and c) keeps you lean and happier - must be brilliant !

The health benefits are too numerous to mention, but here’s some highlights..............

Lower blood pressure, stronger immune system, increases libido (yes really!), builds bone density reducing the risk of osteoporosis, and reduces stress and anxiety. Let’s not forget the 600-800 calories burned in an hour of running, the endorphin trigger giving you that “runners high” (better than chocolate!) and all the benefits that exercising in the outdoors can give you.

OK, so how do I get started? Firstly you “learn to walk before you can run”. Yes really, walking is the best way to get going. Start with flat routes, and do walk run intervals. Start with one-minute run, one-minute walk for 20-30 minutes, then build up the running time gradually, and start to reduce the walks. Make sure you have enough breath to talk/sing to ensure you are running at the right intensity. If you can’t talk you are running too hard and will quickly burn out or worse, get injured.

Be prepared for a few aches and pains after you first run, give yourself time to recover and then do it again. Keep building the intensity, by adding more distance, some hills and running faster and more frequently over time. Combine your running with some strength and core exercises, to help prevent injury and improve endurance.

When you embark on your new training programme, keeping motivated can be tricky, especially on those cold, dark nights, after a hard day. Find a scenic route, run with a friend or in a group, have a goal, whether that be entering an event or weight loss. Most importantly, have a plan, diarise your running programme and stick to it.

So what are you waiting for? Contact JPR Fitness for FIT2RUN for Beginners and 0-5k coaching sessions, starting September.

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