Warm woollens for Christmas Codebreakers

  |  Published: Dec 11th 2015
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Bletchley Park’s historical rooms will have a warm winter touch thanks to keen knitters from across the country.

In October we asked people to pick up their needles for the Codebreakers, or at least their historic offices. The request struck a chord with many knitters, who have sent in their 1940s style scarves, berets and mittens. The clothes have been added to the heritage attraction’s set dressed rooms to give them a more wintry feel over the festive period. The Codebreakers’ offices were often cold, so cosy winter clothes would have been essential.

Knitter Joanne Croxford said, “Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to show the Codebreakers how much we appreciate them.”

The knitted items, along with 1940s style winter coats and umbrellas, will be added to the Mansion Library and Denniston's Office for the colder months.

Digitisation and Exhibitions Officer, Sarah Kay, who curated the Christmas displays this year, said, “It was lovely to receive so many contributions. The knitters can now be proud of having their handiwork on display, helping to give our visitors a better impression of how the rooms would have looked during the cold winter weather.”

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