The Wendover Arm Trust Working Party News, November-December 2014

  |  Published: Dec 22nd 2014

A very special thank you to all our restoration volunteers who have worked so hard during the year despite some very bad weather and brought about the completion of re-lining to Bridge 4A  ready for the re-watering of 437 metres (over ¼ mile) bringing the total length re-watered to 758 metres (821 yards).


November and December Working Parties


Although the weather was not perfect good progress was made. In November the lining was completed up to and including the west throat of the narrows of Bridge 4A as can be seen in the photos.

The offside bank at the east end was also completed for 20 metres.

The Bentomat lining through the bridge is covered with 150mm (6”) of concrete rather than the normal bed cover of 300mm (12”) of spoil as was done at Little Tring Bridge as it is felt that propeller wash through a narrows would scour a spoil cover.

In December the lining was continued through the bridge narrows and the towpath bank lined for 20 metres to match the offside.

All that remains now is to line the east throat of the bridge narrows and construct a bund just east of the bridge span and the next re-watering can commence.

In case of flooding a mini bund has been built just where the photographers shadow is in the foreground above to prevent water coming from the now waterproof 437 metres of new lining. In addition the area beyond the bridge has been levelled off so that any water can drain into an existing manhole on the pipeline about 40 metres past the bridge.


January and February Working Parties


In January – weather permitting! – it is intended to concrete the east throat of the narrows and place spoil for the bund in position. This will allow the soil to settle before February when Bentomat lining will be placed and sealed on the west slope of the bund and covered with at least 300mm (12”) spoil. Then all will be ready for re-watering.

Any spare resources at these working parties will be used to prepare for continuing with pipe capping that will be the major activity during 2015.


Restoration Handbook


I am very aware that I am behind in issuing new volunteers with their copies of the Restoration handbook, partly due to my wearing three hats for the Trust during the last year.

John Reynolds has very kindly offered to take over the task of issuing the manual. Before he issues new versions Ray Orth and I are going to update the present version where necessary so please be patient.


Balloon Flight Trip Offer


In the 2014 Grand Draw I was fortunate to win the Virgin Balloon Trip prize. Unfortunately I lost total hearing in one ear in the 1970’s due to flying light aircraft and, on the advice of my ENT consultant, was told to avoid being airborne any more.

I am therefore offering this £155 face value flight to anyone willing to pay me £100 for the voucher that is valid until 11th September 2015. There are over 100 launch sites in the UK I will then donate this sum to the Trust with Gift Aid giving the Trust a total of £125. Just give me a ring or email me if you would like to take up the offer that is on a first come first served basis.


General Notes


We operate as a self-supervising group under CRT and all volunteers receive and sign for the Trust’s Restoration Handbook that includes full Health and Safety requirements for the restoration works.

The handbook is the property of the Trust; if you leave the working parties for any reason, please return your Handbook to either Ray Orth or myself.

Hard hats for use at all times and high visibility jackets to be worn on sites with mobile plant in use are kept in the store at Tringford and must be drawn/returned there.

One first aid kit is kept in the store and one in the Nissan Cabstar and each qualified first-aider will have their own kit with him/her when on site.

Also available in the store at Tringford are ear defenders and goggles that must be worn when using strimmers, angle grinders, concrete breakers and the like. CRT will supply hard hats, gloves and footwear with reinforced toecaps on request.

We normally work from 9am to 5pm (or dark if earlier!). There are breaks for morning tea/coffee, packed lunch and afternoon tea/coffee. We take our own food and drink.




So you can plan your diary ahead, the following are the dates of future working parties in 2015:








Friday 9th January to

Thursday 15h January

Stage 3

Complete any works required for lining, build the bund in Bridge 4A narrows and commence work on pipe capping – weather permitting!

If weather conditions are severe the decision may be taken to cancel a working party. If in doubt ring the team leader early in the day.

Friday 6th February to

Thursday 12th February

Stage 3

Friday 6th March to

Thursday 12th March

Stage 3

Friday 10th April to

Thursday 16th April

Stage 3

Stage 3 pipe capping if lining/bund are completed through Bridge 4A. This cannot start in earnest until the bund is installed as the first pipe capping will cut off access to Bridge 4A as it crosses the canal bed.

Friday 1st May to

Thursday 7th May

Stage 3

Stage 3 pipe capping.

Friday 5th June to

Thursday 11th June

Sunday 7th will be a

Restoration Open Day

Stage 3

Stage 3 pipe capping.

Friday 3rd July to

Thursday 9th July

Stage 3

Stage 3 pipe capping.

Friday 31st July to

Thursday 6th August

Stage 3

Stage 3 pipe capping.

Friday 4th September to

Thursday 10th September

Sunday 6th will be a

Restoration Open Day

Stage 3

Stage 3 pipe capping.

Friday 2nd October to

Thursday 8th October

Stage 3

Stage 3 pipe capping.

Friday 6th November to

Thursday 12th November

Stage 3

Stage 3 pipe capping.

Friday 4th December to

Thursday 10th December

Stage 3

Stage 3 pipe capping.


































Roger Leishman, Restoration Director.  7 Hall Park, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 2NU.

Tel:01442 874536, e-mail

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