Wendover Remembers at the War Memorial

  |  Published: Aug 4th 2014

Wendover Remembers

Mon 4 Aug, from 10pm, War Memorial

To mark the centenary of the declaration of war, people aged 18 to 41 in particular are invited to gather at the War Memorial at 11pm for a short commemorative service. All ages very welcome.

Here is a list of Old Boys of Wendover School, drawn from the school log. They did not all join up immediately but participated in the war. They do not all appear on the War Memorial because, thankfully, they returned. Many thanks to Val Moir who did the research. they are listed alphabetically. Apparent duplicates might be cousins.

Atkins Charles             Royal Berks

Atkins James               O & B L I

Atkins James               O & B L I

Atkins William

Avery Leonard             R B H

Bignall Fred                 O & B L I

Bonham Albert           

Bonham Arthur           O & B L I

Bowden William         O & B L I          Died of Wounds

Bowden William (Scrub Wood)

Brackley Arthur C       O & B L I

Burch William             O & B L I

Carter Gordon             Bucks Hussars

Carter Gordon             R B H

Caudrey Charles

Caudrey George          O & B L I          Wounded near Mons

Chapman George        R A M C

Day Stanley                 2 Life Guards

Deering Bert               Royal Fusiliers             Died of Wounds

Deering Charles          O & B L I

Deering George          O & B L I

Deering Sam               Australian Exp Force

Dorrell Harrold           O & B L I

Dorrell James              O & B L I

Drake Fred

Driscoll Gilbert            R G A

Eames Percy

Eggleton Herbert        O & B L I

Eggleton Herbert        O & B L I

Eggleton Walter          R F A

Eldridge Ernest           R B H

Eldridge John

Elliott William             O & B L I

Goodson William        R B H

Guire Edwin   

Gurney John                R B H

Harding Fred               Grenadier Guards

Harris Thomas

Harris Victor

Holland Richard          Canadian Exp Force

Howlett Richard          Beds R

King Walter

Langford Edgar           R F A

Langford Hugh            Royal Sussex

 Lloyd George

McLean Alex               R M L I

Parsons Arthur

Payne Walter              M T

Pearce Hugh               Canadian Exp force

Pedel Alfred                Duke of Cornwall’s L I             Killed in Action

Pedel Fred                   Bucks Hussars

Pedel George              2 Life Guard

Philbey Arthur             The Lancers

Philbey Leonard          R A M C

Ratcliffe Rupert          O & B L I

Ratcliffe Walter          O & B L I(2)

Seeley Reg

Seeley Reginald          A O C

Simmons Harry           O & B L I

Simmons Lance           O & B L I

Simmons William        R B H

Simmons William        O & B L I

Slade Jesse                  O & B L I

Slade Jesse                  O & B L I

Smith Charles              R F A

Spittles Arthur             R F A

Spittles Fred                R F A

Tomlin George            O & B L I

Tomlin William

Wakelin William

Wells Hugh                  O & B L I          Killed in Action

Wells Leonard             Beds R

Wells Richard              O & B L I

Wells Thomas             Grenadier Guards       Killed in Action

Wood Stuart                O & B L I

Wyatt Albert               O & B L I

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