Wendover Remembers, Wall Hanging Proposal

  |  Published: Aug 3rd 2015
Poppy Prototype
An example of the poppies which will be made by the schoolchildren.

One development from the Wendover Remembers Group is the commission of a wall hanging to mark the 2018 commemorations. This is being led by Deb McGuire and Claire Wheeler of PlainStitch and will be sewn by the members of The Wendover Sewing Bee. It will involve people of all ages from the village, primarily the mothers, grandmothers and children of Wendover in commemoration and remembrance of the sacrifice of the men, women and children of 1914 – 18.

The 100 year commemoration is both a time to look back and think about the sacrifices that were made by men and women in our village, and across Europe – but also to teach the next generation about the folly of war. This quilt will encompass both. In order to achieve this, Wendover Sewing Bee is working in collaboration with many village groups, including children from both primary schools.Wendover Sewing Bee will make a 72 inch x 72 inch quilted wall hanging, made up of nine text and pictorial blocks designed by the various institutions and groups in the village. These will be hand sewn by members of the Wendover Sewing Bee. Around 120 children (60 from each school) will be invited to participate by each making an individual hand sewn poppy, which will form a “sea” of poppies (each initialled in stitch by each child) which will fit around the panels. It will be patchwork in style and made up of lots of different donated fabrics from our group to reflect the Make Do and Mend spirit of the time. It will be hung at the Library, local churches and in the schools at various times from 11.11.15 through to 11.11.18 and it will be included in the various village events that are being planned by the Parish Council.

To see a progress report click here

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