Wendover Swimming Pool Re-opens Soon

  |  Published: Jun 18th 2013

The WSA Committee is very pleased to announce that the Wendover Pool will re-open soon for a summer trial period. At present the John Colet School Facilities Team is preparing the Pool for swimming which will take a few days to complete. WSA will pay for repairs to the boilers which heat the Pool water so while this is being done it is possible that the water will be cooler than is ideal but we will press to get this work done as quickly as possible.

WSA will announce on their website here when the first swimming sessions will take place and will email existing members.

All current memberships, which would have expired on 30th June, have been extended to 30th September, free of charge.

The Pool will re-open on the same basis as previous years. WSA will arrange swimming sessions as soon as possible and will work up to the normal schedule of swimming as quickly as we can. We are intending to further increase the number and length of sessions over the summer and to attract swimming clubs and other users to take advantage of these new, longer sessions.

As reported previously, the John Colet School has asked WSA to investigate whether we would be able and willing to take over the operation of the Pool. We will use the summer trial period to test how much demand there is for the Pool and whether it would be feasible for WSA to operate it. If the summer trial period is successful WSA will work closely with the School during the autumn to take over the Pool at the end of 2013. If the summer trial period is not successful it is likely that the Pool would close permanently at the end of the year.

To make the summer trial period successful WSA needs volunteers to help run swimming sessions, manage the Pool, prepare the business plan, obtain funding, negotiate agreements with interested parties and do all the things needed to start a new business. Please volunteer to help if you can to save the Wendover Pool.

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