What are you waiting for? Make 2016 a year for change for you, and others

  |  Published: Dec 18th 2015
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What are you waiting for?  Make 2016 a year for change for you, and others

A foster care agency, still run by its co-founders 21 years after it started, is urging people in Wendover and across Buckinghamshire to make 2016 a positive year for change and consider becoming a foster carer.

Foster Care Associates (FCA) is launching a recruitment campaign for the New Year called ‘what are you waiting for?’  It’s inspired from the moment in 1994 when FCA’s co-founder, Jan Rees, experienced what she calls ‘her light-bulb moment’ after reading an article on fostering.  This led to her life-changing decision to care for young people in need.

In Buckinghamshire there are approximately 435 looked after children and young people in local authority care, many of whom are waiting for a secure and nurturing foster home in 2016.

Jan Rees, co-founder of Foster Care Associates, said: “We’re 100% committed to changing the lives of children and young people in Buckinghamshire, and our foster carers are at the heart of everything we do, but we need more.  No matter what age you are, whether you apply as a single person or a couple, or have your own birth children, as long as you have a spare room and are able to nurture and support, you could become a foster carer.

“FCA will provide all the support and training needed in a highly structured and tailored package for both the carer and the young person in care – all underpinned by our Team Parenting™ model of support.”

Unlike adoption a fostered child remains the legal responsibility of the local authority and/or their birth parents, and ensures that children who cannot be with their parents or other relatives, for whatever reason, can be cared for in a family situation. 

FCA would really like to hear from potential foster carers to care for more challenging placements.  These could range from young people with behavioural problems, to teenage mothers who want to be fostered with their own child.

Jan Rees continues: “Foster care is not without its challenges, which is why the support services provided by a fostering agency like FCA is so integral to carers, however I would also describe it as the best job in the world!  Throughout our 21 years of caring for children and young people in need we have never lost sight of what made us begin our journey – we call it care without compromise.

“I hope someone reading this today will find their lightbulb moment and decide to enquire about becoming a foster carer – what are you waiting for?”


Foster carers with FCA receive frequent visits and contact from a dedicated and qualified social worker.  Support is also provided through an education officer, support workers and therapist to help carers meet the needs of child or young person.  Ongoing training, a financial allowance, access to carer support groups and organised family activities are all contributing factors as to why FCA placements are 22% more stable than the national average.


For more information on becoming a foster carer with FCA call 0800 022 4012 and speak to the FCA Recruitment Team, or enquire online at www.thefca.co.uk.

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