Who's Doing the Dishes?

  |  Published: Oct 22nd 2014
Matthew West with singer Sinita

Like most people I often get frustrated at the amount of junk mail that fills my Inbox, so I was pleasantly surprised with an email from ITV asking me whether I liked meeting Celebrities, enjoyed fine dining and wanted to be on TV! Having answered a resounding yes to all 3 I found myself filling in an online application (fuelled by a few glasses of Wine) and a few weeks later being chosen as a contestant in a new daytime show called “Who is doing the dishes?”

Who’s Doing the Dishes?  Is effectively a cross between Come Dine with me and Through the keyhole and sees ex-Westlife member Brian McFadden escorting four blindfolded civilians (us!) to a celebrity’s home. While we had a nosey round the house for clues, the celebrity in question prepares dinner, embedding cryptic hints to their identity in the names of each course – literally, a signature dish. If we managed to correctly identify the host we won some cash and the celebrity had to do the washing up. If we got it wrong we had to do the scrubbing!

The filming days were really long affairs from literally 12noon to 12midnight or 1am the next day. What you don’t see on the TV is all the comments we get from the production team during the shoot which are often hilarious or deliberately misleading. The interview after each Dinner where we were encouraged to “dish the dirt” on our fellow contestants contribution that day was equally amusing. The best bit was getting to meet some great Celebrities such as Wayne Sleep, Caprice (super model) and Anthony Worral-Thompson in the very personal surroundings of their own home. We had plenty of time to talk with them informally off-camera afterwards, meeting their families and even their pets! You soon find out they are just normal people like the rest of us!  

Matthew West, Wendover

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