Wildlife on the Wendover Arm

  |  Published: Dec 20th 2012

We at both the Canal & River Trust (CRT) and Wendover Arm Trust (WAT), read the article – ‘Wendover Arm Restoration: What future for wildlife’ – in the December edition of Wendover News with interest . The whole canal network is a haven for all sorts of wildlife, indeed within the research undertaken over the last 2 years as we (previously British Waterways) prepared to transfer to Trust status it was one of the biggest positive attributes of inland waterways that the public say they appreciate. We work very closely with WAT on each phase of their works and we are confident that all works do comply and will continue to comply with all environmental and ecological requirements placed upon us. Any further phase of the Wendover Arm restoration will need to be subject to an independent Environmental Assessment. This will take into consideration protected species such as water vole and white-clawed crayfish. The assessment will need to propose mitigation for these species, if found during surveying, and this will be in consultation with Natural England. An Environmental Assessment will also address the potential deterioration in environmental status of the water body under the Water Framework Directive. In CRT we have nothing but admiration for the commitment and dedication that WAT are demonstrating through their amazing efforts to restore the Wendover Arm. They are held up as a role model of professionalism across inland waterway circles, often visited by other aspiring restoration groups wanting to emulate their achievements. I would ask local residents to understand the heritage, history and wildlife of the Wendover Arm so that they can give their support to WAT in their continued endeavours.

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