Year 5 Market Day in Princes Risborough

  |  Published: Feb 26th 2014

The Budgeting Activity

In PSHEE, Year 5 have been looking at the topic of money and budgeting. The market in Princes Risborough provided the venue for our ‘virtual shopping experience’. Each group were provided with different real life scenarios and given the practical task of feeding a family for a week. Not only did the children have to calculate their disposable income and work within a budget, they also had to consider a healthy diet. Just like real life, the children soon realised that this is no easy task!

The Crepe Escape treat

The Crepe Escape is a newly opened café in Princes Risborough specialising in pancakes. Following a food technology activity (cooking pancakes) Year 5 had the perfect excuse to pay them a visit! The children not only had the opportunity to sample the pancakes, they were also treated to a demonstration by the café’s chef. Prices, choices and new business decisions have been considered and the children were eager to contribute to the ‘Customer Comments’ Book.



Reading through the thank you letters, it is clear that the children thoroughly enjoyed the market day experience:


“The pancakes were glorious. They were beautifully folded and covered in our chosen topping. The best pancake I have ever eaten.” Daisy

“….we added up how much we had left or if we had gone over budget. My team had over £100 left – surprisingly. We had a lot to money left for luxuries and we fed our family for a week.” Annie

“The pancakes were delicious. I enjoyed seeing them make the pancakes more though.” Anna

“We had to buy food items for a family for a week and see how much we had left over, deducting rent from our income.” Michael

“I really enjoyed the trip. It was one of the best things I’ve ever been on.” Marc

Thank you to all the adults who helped to make this trip possible.

We received many positive comments about the behaviour of Year 5 and it was a pleasure to take them to Princes Risborough.

Jo Cook

Year 5 Leader

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