Young people leading on local priorities survey

  |  Published: Dec 13th 2013

Young people from the Wendover area are leading a survey among residents and businesses about what matters most to them.

They are part of the Youth Forum attached to Buckinghamshire County Council's Wendover Local Area Forum (LAF), which has commissioned them to lead its local priorities consultation process.

The young people will interview parish councils, businesses, schools, organisations and hundreds of residents about what they think the top priorities are for the area.

They will put together a report and make recommendations to the LAF on whether its local priorities are still relevant, or whether it needs to revise them.

The LAF has a budget of £37,600 to use to meet local priorities, which are currently: speeding and rat-running through the villages; better transport facilities required; concern about elderly and vulnerable people unable to meet people or access transport; activities and facilities for young people aged 11-plus; anti-social behaviour. Other priorities include HS2, the planned high speed rail line that will pass through the area, and road improvements.

Residents are being encouraged to feed back on whether the current priorities are correct, and to highlight other issues they would like on the LAF agenda.

 The Youth Forum has set up an online consultation, so residents can proactively participate:

Dave Rollins, who leads the Wendover Youth Forum on behalf of the LAF, said: 'This is a key way to get young people more involved in the decision making process. The forum not only gives them a unique experience, but also gives them a voice in the area. Young people are not just the future generation, they are a key part of our community now. We want to hear what they have to say and encourage them to achieve their goals.'

County Councillor Bill Chapple, LAF Chairman, said: 'This is the first time a LAF has ever done this and it is hugely beneficial for the community to encourage young people to carry out civic responsibilities like this.'
He urged residents to complete the survey and have their say. 'It doesn't take long to complete,' he said, 'and I know all the young people who are working tirelessly on this, will be very grateful.'

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