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Becky Murgatroyd  |  Published: Feb 21st 2018

This month we would like to give you an insight into one of the regular sessions that we run at the Youth Centre. We asked some of our young people what they think about Youth Café?

Youth café meets every Wednesday from 3-4:30pm; for young people in school year 7 to 11, it’s a drop in session where young people can get tasty treats, play table tennis, pool, air hockey, table football, wii and x-box. They can also get creative, engage in discussion and play games. This term we have made happy jars, where they can put all they have enjoyed and achieved in and use for reflection and to build themselves up. We played a game involving shoes and a target, and we also tried our hand at cake decorating, our young people also created their own board games, the results were very creative indeed.

Here’s what the young people had to say.

Why do you come to youth café?

Because when my friends told me about it, it sounded really fun, and when I got here it is.

It’s a nice place to see my friends out of school and I enjoy it.

It’s a nice place to talk to your friends other than school life, nice to do stuff that it’s educational

It’s fun place to hang out and fill you Wednesday afternoons

What has been your favourite session and why?

  • Making the happy jars, because I haven’t done it before, and you get to draw on jars.
  • The sumo wrestling, because got to mess around and have lots of fun.
  • When we played the shoe throwing game because you got to throw shoes silly.
  • Baking one as everyone got really creative

Why should other people come?

  • It’s fun but it can teach you things as well.
  • Because the people that run it are really nice it and its fun
  • People should come because it’s a good place to talk about anything
  • The marshmallows are nice

With contributions from: Cara Steven, Rebecca Piddington, Lily and Elouise.

Thank you to our young people for sharing their thoughts, if you are interested in what we do, Contact or

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