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Below is a message from Antiques at.. Wendover

“Unfortunately there is no news of Eric, the monkey who was stolen from the Antiques Centre before Christmas.

Eric has been at the Antiques Centre entertaining children, while their parents look round the shop, for over 20 years and is sorely missed.

There is CCTV of the man stealing Eric and stuffing him inside his jacket, on the Antiques At.. Wendover Facebook page, or Everything Wendover.

Please share the image of the thief, he may be local and perhaps could be shamed into returning Eric to his rightful place.

Many people have been into the Antiques Centre and told us how upset and appalled they are that anyone would steal Eric.

There are pictures of Eric and the man who took him in the window of the Antiques Centre. There is a £25 reward for Eric’s safe return”.

Nicky Gregory

Antiques At.. Wendover


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